FInally, another one of the good old clasics. Mario is pretty self-explanitory if you know it at all, but if not then just remember that most enemies and obsticals can be defeated by jumping on them.
This is one of those mindless games, but is also fun in a way. Be wary of confidence though, more blocks appear the farther you go down the feild. If your looking for a way to kill a few minutes, this is it!
A fairly good fighting game that puts you in control of a, what else, elecric man. The game has pretty good gameplay, and the special moves look awesome. A great game in terms of simplicity combined with awesomeness.
A great game inspired from the game Portal. This game may not be as awesome as the original, but it is sure better than most games out there. While playing this game, make sure to think of everything you have done previously as it will help you get through this mind-boggling puzzle.
The classic of classics, minesweeper, is now on Raptor Games. This is one of the best games of time and requires thought and precision to beat. To those who are new to it, I strongly sugest reading the instructions.

Not as good a game as some, but pretty fun after a while. It requires a steady hand and quick timing to beat, so those who are shooter fans might need to steer clear.
This game is pretty fun, considering you have to make a virus to destroy the entire world. This game is pretty intensive, and it may take a few tries to get the world killed off. Note: If you are trying to beat it, watch out for Madagascar. If they close off their ports, you lose.

Hey, I'm going to write short reveiws in this section to rate the games.

First is A.L.I.A.S. 3. This is a shooter game that is not only fun, but involves a GIANT TANK in one stage. What's not to love? The only downside to this is that it is very short and you may be hungry for more. There are also better shooters than this, but it's still a cool game.
4/5 Stars.